Group Projects

The Group Executive is also responsible for the maintenance & upkeep of the Headquarters, this includes the driveway, paths and fences surrounding the Headquarters. All future projects and plans from the Group Executive will be posted on here to keep everyone updated.

Headquarters improvements

April 2020 Update

We are delighted to share with you this visual… of what our HQ now looks like! We would like to thank all of those responsible for the project for all the effort and work that has gone in to these works. We are overjoyed with the result and we look forward to returning to the HQ in the future!

2020 – March Update

We are delighted to announce that a project to significantly upgrade the surrounding areas of our headquarters has begun. The Group is incredibly pleased to be able to say that as a result of the works we will have:

  • A new entrance path
  • A new entrance area and building access
  • New perimeter fencing
  • Re-surfaced entrance area
  • Re-surfaced driveway
  • Re-surfaced building surroundings
  • Landscaped area around the building and to the front

Work began in late February and progress is already visible with clearance well underway. We will keep you informed of progress and thank you for your cooperation whilst the works are ongoing

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We have aspirations to continue investing in our Headquarters in 2020, with one of our long term projects being the replacement of the boundary fence. We are hoping to replace this in phases over the coming years. We have already this year replaced a damaged door and we are hoping to invest in some kitchen improvements in the coming year.


Our improvements for 2019 include the removal of the interactive whiteboard as it no longer functioned, providing more space in the meeting room for storage and allowing the construction of the Group Scout Leader’s Office. This work was completed in early 2019. In addition to this the Group invested in new beam boxes which have provided a new look to the main hall and replaced the ageing former cladding as well as in external aspects of the building such as the guttering and fascias. We have also invested in lighting, with storage rooms, the main entrance and emergency lights now upgraded to LED lights. We ran a highly successful Work Day in early March which enabled a deep clean of the building, essential repairs to be carried out and essential maintenance. Many thanks go to Mike Berridge, Mike Walker and Pat Moran who have been carrying out jobs for us over the last few months.

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After consultation with Halton Borough Council a new floodlight was installed on the HQ in order to provide better lighting when coming in and out of the building.


Our most recent projects involve the repair of the back fence & manhole cover, which were damaged during works in the park were ongoing, these have been repaired by Halton Borough Council and the Group are pleased with the improvements. The group are also pleased with the improvements to the surrounding park including a new driveway for the group. The Group has also recently invested in a picture of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to go on our headboard in the main hall along with the Cub and Scout promises and laws, and the portrait of Lord Baden Powell

Our main hall headboard, consisting of Cub law and promise, Scout law and promise, Union Flag, Portrait of Lord Baden Powell & Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Other improvements to the headquarters recently include the restoration of the entrance sign, which is now in place above the doorway, which Lauren Eaton & Matty Marnell completed over the summer holidays, the meeting room was also tidied during this time including the buffing of the floor, general cleaning, tidying and the installation of the whiteboard was completed earlier this year.

Our newly renovated 4th Runcorn Sign, it is over 40 years old Our Meeting room

Other notable works include the replacement of the floor in the main hall, this was carried out successfully and 4th Runcorn continues to thank Halton Borough Council for supporting the works on the new floor. The Scouts also sanded down and re-varnished the skirting boards and notice boards in the main hall to go with the new floor.

The Group has also invested in a new outdoor sign to show people visiting the park who we are, this is yet to be installed, but we will post photos once it has been fitted to the building.